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Re: Installation report HP-715/64 (HIL)

Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 12:35:51PM +0100, Helge Deller wrote:
>> Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
>>>> The boot-kernel (2.6.18) does not detect this keyboard on the HIL bus.
>>>> It seems the needed .config values are not set when it was built.
>>>> To solve this problem, the boot kernel needs the "CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HIL_OLD=y" option set.
>>>> Additionally, all other "HIL" options should be disabled (see below).
>>>> With those options, the HIL keyboard should work. HIL-Mouse will not be available, but it's not needed either for the installation process.
>>>> In general, all newer HIL drivers do not work at all, so defaulting back to the old driver should be ok.
>>> The Lenny kernel sets CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HIL_OLD=m, does this still apply?
>> Moritz, thanks for bringing this up again. I nearly forgot it!
>> I just tried the netboot image dated 30-10-08 from
>> http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/testing/main/installer-hppa/current/images/netboot/2.6/.
>> Currently the debian installer boots up nicely, but the keyboard is not
>> functional at all (on machines with HIL keyboard).
>> My tests with booting via serial console shows, that all what needs to
>> be done to get those keyboards working now is, to run a
>> "modprobe hilkbd"
>> at startup.
>> Is it possible that someone from the debian-installer teams add this
>> "modprobe hilkbd" somewhere to the bootup process? This modprobe should
>> also be carried over to the installed system afterwards.
>> I'm willing to test any temporary images (preferably netboot images) as
>> soon as possible.
> [Forwarding to debian-boot@lists.debian.org]
> Can that be considered for rc2?

Yes, please.
I should have mentioned, that adding "modprobe hilkbd" will not break
any parisc machine which does not have HIL. So it's pretty safe to probe
for this module.


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