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Bug#509379: firmware not found on virtual floppy or virtual CDROM

Quoting Daniel Pocock (daniel@pocock.com.au):

> My explanation wasn't thorough enough:
> - I saw the prompt to insert the floppy or USB disk
> - I used the iDRAC (Dell's iLO solution) to enable the virtual floppy
> - I pressed the OK button in d-i, telling it to search for the removable  
> media
> - d-i told me no removable media found (I can't remember the exact  
> message I saw)

I would suggest yo to try enabling the virtual floppy earlier in the

The sequence you describe means that d-i would have to rescan
available devices before looking around and try mounting the ones that
are present.

however, I'm unsure (and can't check right now) if such a scan is done
between the moment you're prompted and the failure message.

So, imho, you'd get better chances if you enable your virtual floppy
as early as possible.

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