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Bug#509379: firmware not found on virtual floppy or virtual CDROM

reassign 509379 hw-detect

Quoting Daniel Pocock (daniel@pocock.com.au):
> Package: debian-installer
> Installing lenny amd64 on a Dell M600 blade server using PXE/netboot method.
> bnx2 firmware required for network access.
> Installer prompts for a floppy or USB device.
> I attempted to mount an ext3 formatted floppy image, and an ISO CDROM  

You attempted to *mount*?

What exactly did you try to do apart from putting the firmware file (or
deb package for the record) on a removable medium and hit Enter when
prompted for firmware?

If you tried some manual actions in a shell in VT2, that might be the
cause of the problem.

If you just did what's instructed (put the files on a floppy, USB
stick or CD, then hit Enter), then something went wrong, really..:-)

In such case, after seeing the error message that the media can't be
located, could you switch to VT2 (Alt+F2), then check if something is
mounted on /media...

If something is, try listing its content.

If not, try:

list-devices floppy
list-devices maybe-usb-floppy
list-devices cd

And then try:

mountmedia floppy
mountmedia driver

And check what's happening..:-)

(please note that I'm not familiar with that part of the code so it
might need time before we narrow the problem, while someone more
knowledgeable in that area would be more precise...)

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