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Bug#509238: panic backtrace

Quoting The Eclectic One (eclectic@sdf.lonestar.org):

> >This is where we would need to really narrow things down and where
> >using the expert mode could help.
> Ok, tried a few more times.  I usually get the same kernel panic screen,

Did you try in expert mode, ie choosing it from the "Advanced options"
in the boot menu.

In expert mode, when you reach the HW detection step, you'll get a
question about PCMCIA options. They're not necessarily relevant but
checking if the crash happens before or after it would help

> This is exactly as the screen froze.  I wonder if the only line visible that
> refers to eth0 is when it actually detected the main (wired) ethernet
> interface.  As this is the interface I want to use and it appears that it
> generated no errors, it seems to be a good sign.  All the ipw2100 lines
> refer to the wireless interface, which works fine on 2.6.18.  I never knew
> it required separate firmware.  Since it appears not to be included in the

Some drivers in 2.6.18 provided firmware blobs that have been
extracted from the source and are now provided as separate udebs:

root@mykerinos:~> apt-cache search firmware 2100
firmware-ipw2x00 - Binary firmware for Intel Pro Wireless 2100, 2200 and 2915

If that firmware is needed for ipw2100, you'll be prompted about
this....but you're not, which means the crash happens before..:-)

> Anything else I can do? More tests?

Before the network devices screen (for instance, when prompted for
language), could you switch to VT2 (Alt+F2) and, from there edit
/bin/ethdetect.sh ?

Add "-x" to the first line:

#!/bin/sh -x

Then go back to VT1, continue to the step where the crash happens and
sitch to VT4 before it happens. As ethdetect.sh will be in debug mode,
we'll see all its output and could narrow down the exact line where
the crash happens.

(doing this in expert mode will give you more control about the moment
where you need to switch to VT4....)

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