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Bug#509291: Lenovo SL500, Debian lenny installation report

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> From what I can see in the log, the deb could not be copied from the usb
> stick at all, so its postinst never got a chance to run. Dpkg and apt
> should, AFAIK, exit nonzero in that situation.

Hmmm, apt-install is basically doing "apt-get install $packages" (in
the chroot and "inside" debconf-apt-progress).

So, that would mean that apt does not fail when it can't read a
file. It's very surprising that it doesn't, indeed....but, then
that would mean the bug is to reassign to apt.

Any chance that you can manually debug this further (by running apt
manually or so)?


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