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Bug#509291: Lenovo SL500, Debian lenny installation report

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> > In tasksel, I was suprised to see it did not select the laptop task.
> > This turns out to be due to this in the logs. Some read error 
> > from the iso on the USB key (which had successfully installed another
> > machine), which caused laptop-detect to fail to install, w/o indicating
> > it to the user.
> From what I read in scripts, laptop-detect is "simply" installed in
> pre-pkgsel.d, with "apt-install laptop-detect". From my understanding,
> if that fails, the user will be notified.....so, the only explanation
> I see is that laptop-detect postinst exited normally even though the
> package wasn't installed properly. Is this the correct interpretation?

From what I can see in the log, the deb could not be copied from the usb
stick at all, so its postinst never got a chance to run. Dpkg and apt
should, AFAIK, exit nonzero in that situation.

see shy jo

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