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Bug#509314: Lenny installer RC1

Quoting Gary Dale (garydale@rogers.com):

> Comments/Problems:
> I've downloaded the .iso image twice and burned it 3 times using two different machines. I get the same problem each time. The boot CD is not recognized and the machine tries to boot from the hard disk.
> I booted the system from an Ubuntu 8,10 disk and just finished install 
> Etch+1/2 on it so there is nothing wrong with the machine. 
> The notes on the Etch+1/2 install indicate it's using the Lenny RC1 installer so I suspect it's not a problem with the installer either. It may be the .iso image simply doesn't have the boot code on it.

I'd rather suspect a CD burn issue.

However, you don't give any information about the ISO image you
downloaded. Could you be more specific?

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