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Adding a module to initramfs-tools/modules?


/lib/finish-install.d/05speakup automatically adds the speakup driver
used for installation into /etc/modules so that the installed systems
properly loads the module automatically for the user as soon as first
reboot.  However, in case / can not be mounted for some reason (e.g.
disk rename), this is not sufficient, the modules would be loaded only
after mounting /. In the speakup-source documentation, I have put an
explanation about how to add the module to initramfs-tools/modules in
order to get the modules loaded before / is mounted, but as said above,
/ could be not mountable as soon as the first reboot, leaving the blind
user stuck.

So I'm wondering: would it be ok to add the speakup module to
initramfs-tools/modules and re-run update-initramfs from 05speakup?


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