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Re: Adding a module to initramfs-tools/modules?

On Monday 01 December 2008, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> So I'm wondering: would it be ok to add the speakup module to
> initramfs-tools/modules and re-run update-initramfs from 05speakup?

Re-running initramfs-tools is slow and thus nasty and should be avoided 
whenever possible. Question is if avoiding it _is_ possible here.

If it can be done, the best place to do this would be in a 
post-base-installer.d hook script. However, that may too early because at 
that point the kernel is not selected yet, so you may not be able to 
install the correct kernel module package yet.

Adding to initramfs-tools/modules is of course possible and there's even 
an official interface available for that (see register-module* in 
d-i-utils source).

Note that this is too late for Lenny.

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