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Re: network-manager for laptop users who install desktop task as well.

(dropping -release which is not a discussion list)

Quoting Andrew Lee (andrew@linux.org.tw):
> Otavio Salvador wrote:
> > If we add it to laptop-desktop it will be installed in KDE too. What
> > is not what we want I guess.
> You are right, we shouldn't do it that way. I guess we may solve this
> problem by have an additional -laptop task for each current desktop tasks.
> eg: gnome-desktop-laptop, kde-desktop-laptop, xfce-desktop-laptop,
> lxde-desktop-laptop

I find this much too atomic.

Currently, users who choose the GNOME or KDE tasks *do* get stuff  for
laptops even if they don't have a laptop....which is perfectly
acceptable, IMHO. 

Similarly, if there is a good network management stuff for lightweight
desktop environments, it should be added to these environments,
period. Whether this may sometimes be extra stuff for people who do
use "old" computers shouldn't be that a problem....at least not more
than other components of these desktop environments.

When I choose a desktop environment, I usually get a CD/DVD burner
even if I don't have on on my current machine. And, indeed, I just do
not care..:-)

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