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network-manager for laptop users who install desktop task as well.

Dear folks,

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> This is somewhat complicate to decide. I see two sides in this
> question:
>  1) adding Network Manager for LXDE we'll give a more ready to use
>  desktop for laptop users and give some extra bonus for regular users;
>  2) LXDE seems to fit very well with users wanting a low-resource
>  environment and Network Manager is not thin (it bring a lot of
>  libraries and consumes resources);
> So personally I'm unsure which is the best option.

These lightweight desktops could mostly been used for to the netbook
users and also *old* computer users. User who wants network-manager
installed are mostly a laptop user, not an old computer user.

So the best way to solve this probably should make network-manager
installed only for laptop users who also choose a desktop task.

I believe GNOME/KDE users also don't need network-manager if they do not
have a wifi interface. :)

So should we separate network-manager to laptop-desktop task in tasksel?

>>From my POV I believe we shouldn't add Network Manager on lxde-desktop
> task since it's quite easy to do it and we can make the installation
> fat for a user that is limited regarting space, memory and cpu power.

I just tested Frans' Lenny D-I test build for LXDE+Xfce CD image with
LXDE installation. After installation, I found wicd is not available in
lenny, so I installed network-manager manually, and it didn't bring too
much additional package installed. So I think network-manager-gnome is
currently the best solution with LXDE in Lenny.

Network Manager is a good application. :)



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