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Re: Support lxde-desktop properly in lenny D-I RC2?

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 14 November 2008, you wrote:
>> I think I'd be happier with a separate CD - many people are
>> downloading the CD#1 variants just to get their preferred desktop and
>> I'm guessing it's less likely to cause confusion if we keep each
>> targeted at one desktop only.
> Agreed. We'd have to decide how best to name a combined CD so as not to 
> cause confusion.

How about name it this way if we want to have a combined CD?

>> It'll also allow for more useful 
>> packages on that CD for people just using that one DE - the packages
>> for the other one are just going to waste space in that scenario.
> Well, that's really why I'm thinking of the combined CD at all. The total 
> size of added packages for the lxde desktop is only ~10MB... See the diff 
> in my other mail.

Wow, so less.

> The major part of the CD is still taken by the general X.Org packages and 
> things like Firefox and OpenOffice, which are all shared. So there's huge 
> duplication.

Have you tried a test build to combine lxde or xfce with gnome? These
desktop all based on gtk+, and also need X.Org, OpenOffice, iceweasl
...etc packages.

> I have no strong objection to adding an extra CD though. It's less work 
> than the combined CD.

I don't have strong objection to adding an extra CD as well. I am just
thinking of reduce the e-waste for some people who would burn each
debian image into CD/DVD.


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