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Re: Support lxde-desktop properly in lenny D-I RC2?

On Thursday 13 November 2008, Andrew Lee wrote:
> Thanks for the hard work on lenny D-I RC1.
> I just tested the lenny D-I RC1 with 'tasks=lxde-desktop'. After the
> installation it gives me a LXDE desktop out of box!! Wonderful!! :)
> Seems only in tasksel isn't enough to make it work properly with D-I,
> cause I found the gnome-desktop task also installed with lxde-desktop
> task. :D

Eh, this is very simply just user error...
You used the "etch" invocation to select the desktop, instead of 
the "lenny" invocation. Try 'desktop=lxde' instead (and read the correct 
version of the installation guide in future ;-).

> I'd like to know what kind of/how much work should be done for make it
> supported in RC2(if we have planned)? And I'd like to help on that.

AFAICT nothing further is strictly required either in tasksel or in D-I. 

In D-I you could possibly add something like support for "sudo installs" 
(target system with root account disabled and sudo configured for regular 
user), as we have for GNOME and KDE. But that is definitely for sqeeze.

win32-loader should gain support for LXDE, but that is also likely to be 

What we could possibly still do for Lenny is create an LXDE installation 
CD or, maybe better, change the current Xfce CD to support LXDE in 
addition to Xfce. As both are "lightweight", I would expect both of them 
to fit on a single CD.
Main problem with the last option would be the selection of the desired 
desktop as we can only default to one and there is currently no support 
for interactive selection. So users who want LXDE would still have to 
boot with desktop=lxde, but would still have the advantage of having all 
packages on CD.
That is, *unless* we were to hack the syslinux menus at CD build time to 
offer separate boot options for both.

The needed changes would be limited to debian-cd and IMO should all be 
doable. First action would have to be a check of space requirements.

Adding debian-cd list for discussion.


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