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Multi-desktop CDs for lenny (was: Support lxde-desktop properly in lenny D-I RC2?)

Steve and I have been brainstorming a bit about this and it looks like 
we'll be going for a combined "light desktop CD" after all, containing 
packages needed for both Xfce and LXDE desktop tasks.
However, debian-cd will also support building "LXDE only" images.

The name for the CD will probably become (if allowed and not too long): 

I now have a patch for debian-cd that adds the option to select the 
desired desktop from the top isolinux menu for this new image. The lower 
level menus are then basically identical to the existing menu.

When a user selects a desktop and then selects "help", hitting enter from 
the help screens boot prompt will install the selected desktop. Typing
'menu' will display the graphical boot menu again.
The Xfce desktop will be default for all install, expert, etc. boot 
options if typed from the help screens boot prompt. Easiest way to get an 
LXDE desktop is to add 'desktop=lxde'.

There are two images available for testing:
- lxde CD:
- light desktop CD: 

These need extensive testing! Please also let us know what you think of 

A new idea that Steve suggested was to make the i386 and amd64 DVDs, and 
if possible also the i386/amd64 multi-arch DVD (with or without powerpc 
depending on space), support *all four* desktops. This would be 
implemented a bit differently, namely by leaving the top level menu as it 
is but adding a "Desktop selection" option in the Advanced options menu.

Note that this is ONLY a realistic option for the DVD images and not for 
CD images.

The regular CD1 will remain Gnome only (but users can of course select a 
different desktop by booting with 'desktop=...' if they know they will be 
using a mirror, but then they should be using a BC or netinst anyway...).

It could also be an option to allow desktop selection for the businesscard 
and netinst CD images (as they install the tasks from network anyway), 
but maybe not for Lenny. 

* Test the light CD with serial boot. I suspect that hitting 'enter' may
  not work in that case due to a missing default. (Same goes for the daily
  built multi-arch CD.)
* Add text in F3 help screen that Xfce is default when booting from the
  help screens boot prompt other than by just hitting enter.
* Building multi-arch multi-desktop images should be mostly supported but
  will a few minor tweaks and testing.
* Rename adamd*.cfg to amdad*.cfg in D-I build system. It turns out that
  this is a saner naming convention for multi-desktop support.
* Create incremental patch for building the "all desktops DVD".
* Add lxde and multi-desktop support in win32-loader configs (post-lenny).

* Help text is not displayed for Xfce and LXDE submenu entries. Probably a
  syslinux limitation.
* The rescue option is not really desktop dependent. For the light desktop
  CD it can probably just stay where it is, at least for Lenny. For the
  multi-desktop DVDs it should be removed from the desktop-specific
  Advanced options menus.


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