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Bug#505093: Partitioning, /boot, swap and dm-crypt.

package: partman-crypto-dm

I wanted to install a system with dm-crypt. So, I have created some
partitions and a non-encrypted partition for /boot.

By mistake,I've mixed-up swap and /boot: I defined /boot on an encrypted
partition. DI told me that was wrong, so I reconfigured the encrypted
partition to be "swap" and define /boot on the non-encrypted partition.

The problem is that DI was still complaining that /boot shouldn't be on
an encrypted partition. This is because DI remembers that I said that
the encrypted partition was mounted on /boot... even though it is now
used as swap)

I had to go back to my swap on dm-crypt partition, change the type to
ext3, change the mount point to "not used", re-change the type to swap,
and voilà.


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