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Re: Display problems in D-I in Dzongkha

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):

> > Apparently, some strings are replaced by squares, just as if some
> > glyphs were missing. However, this happens on *entire* screens, not
> s/screens/strings
> > just with "random" glyphs being replaced by squares.
> Actually, that seems to be a missing italic font.

More details...

Before the base system install step, everything is fine. The italic
font (which is used for messages that appear "under" progress bars and
the short description of select/multiselect/string debconf templates)
is properly displayed.

However, after the base system install, the first screen that comes
(the root password screen) and all screens that follow do not longer
have italics glyphs displayed. They're replaced by squares.

This is only happens, as of now, in Dzongkha installs. It does not
happen in other complex languages installs (an Hindi install is fine).


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