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Bug#504590: (forw) Bug#504590: clock-setup: OpenSolaris uses local time by default

Frans Pop a écrit :
> It means that IMO the current patch proposed by Colin is not correct:
> - we should make sure we only default to local time on x86, and not on
>   sparc
> - we probably should ask the user what he actually wants because he
>   may be running OpenSolaris in UTC, for example if it's the only
>   installed OS and especially if it's co-installed with Linux and not
>   Windows

I think that's correct.

> Looking at os-prober, we seem to detect Solaris (I'm assuming that covers 
> OpenSolaris) as Solaris on both arches, but with differing long 
> descriptions (Solaris/IA32 and Solaris/SPARC).
> IMO having different long descriptions does not really make sense as the 
> user already knows what arch is running (and IA32 would seem to imply 
> that OpenSolaris has no 64-bit support?).

I suppose that's only a shortcut (should be x86 instead of IA32, IMO,
but no big deal :-) ).
On Solaris SPARC, since version 7, both sparc (32 bit) and sparcv9 (64
bit) arch are supported.
On Solaris x86, since version 10, and including OpenSolaris, both i386
and amd64 arch are supported.
So from an installer point of view, on a given family of architecture,
there's no possibility to differentiate between 32/64.

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