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Re: Sparc d-i terminal weirdness?

On Thursday 06 November 2008, Mike Grice wrote:
> Ok, I got a little further.  I started running the wrapper scripts the
> same way init calls them (via reopen-console).  The first part of the
> installer, /sbin/debian-installer-startup, works fine.  When I run the
> second part, /sbin/debian-installer itself, things break.
> I'm not sure where, but its hard to recreate the exact environment (as
> its called via reopen-console).  I'll have to do some digging, maybe I
> can write a bunch of similar scripts just using the contents of
> reopen-console with the sourcing part included.

OK, that makes sense. reopen-console is a recent addition in D-I, but is 
required to support both real terminals and e.g. serial console. It is 
very much possible that it lacks support for certain architectures, 
especially for special use-cases like virtual machines.

I suggest that you open a BR at severity important against rootskel (the 
D-I component that includes reopen-console) with your current analysis 
and follow-up to that with anything further you discover.

reopen-console itself is just a shell script, so it can be debugged by 
adding a 'set -x' during the early BOOT_DEBUG shells.

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