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Bug#504590: (forw) Bug#504590: clock-setup: OpenSolaris uses local time by default

On Thursday 06 November 2008, Laurent Blume wrote:
> The executive summary is, yes, by default, on *x86* systems, both
> Solaris and OpenSolaris considers the system clock to be the local
> time.

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.

It means that IMO the current patch proposed by Colin is not correct:
- we should make sure we only default to local time on x86, and not on
- we probably should ask the user what he actually wants because he
  may be running OpenSolaris in UTC, for example if it's the only
  installed OS and especially if it's co-installed with Linux and not

Looking at os-prober, we seem to detect Solaris (I'm assuming that covers 
OpenSolaris) as Solaris on both arches, but with differing long 
descriptions (Solaris/IA32 and Solaris/SPARC).

IMO having different long descriptions does not really make sense as the 
user already knows what arch is running (and IA32 would seem to imply 
that OpenSolaris has no 64-bit support?).


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