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Bug#502245: choose-mirror: incorrect translation generated for se

severity 502245 normal

Lowering severity as this seems to be an old issue in the mktemplates 
script with a relatively limited impact.

On Tuesday 14 October 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> Apparently for some reason we generate the template file incorrectly
> for se.

Root of the problem for se is that there is no iso-codes translation for 
se. However, the problem is rather structural. For am we have the same 
problem, but limited to only CA, FR, NI, PT, SV, TW and UA; other 
countries are translated.

Cause is that when po2debconf is run over the temporary templates file and 
the merged PO files, this string is defined as "individually translated 
choices" ("__" prefix) with country codes in the original. If no 
translation can be found for an individual choice, the untranslated 
choice is taken.

There is one check missing: if _none_ of the choices is translated, then 
the whole string should be seen as untranslated and thus should be 
omitted from the output for that translation. This could be seen a bug in 

The other lesson is that it's not really smart to have codes in the 
original in this case. It would probably be better to do the merge based 
on country names and add the Choices-C field back in later. However, that 
will require quite a rewrite of mktemplates.

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