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Re: Bug#497110: improved dmraid support in D-I

Frans Pop ha scritto:

> *.size is the disk size in sectors.
> hda_{0,1,2,3}_sil.dat are all identical, but there are some differences 
> between .dat files for hda and hdb.
> *.offset files are numbers close to the end of the disk, so apparently the 
> SATA RAID signature is saved 4 times near the end of the disk for 
> redundancy.

In this case yes (Silicon Image fakeraid), but this isn't true always.

> Question is if the disk size is encoded in the .dat files. IMO the main 

Yes, you can find Silicon Image metadata layout on dmraid source,

> reason to use the procedure you devised would be to generate disk images 
> of a different size (80GB was a bit of a pain for the conversion from 
> vbox to VirtualBox format for example).

Uhmm, there are some unknown metadata sectors, I think this isn't possible.


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