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Re: String freeze: unofficially started

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> Quoting Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com):
>> * Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2008-08-26 17:59]:
>> > The long mail I sent this morning was trying to give a rationale for a
>> > fairly long string freeze (4 weeks). Is that acceptable or should we
>> > negotiate? :-)
>> To be honest, I think 2 weeks would be a more realistic goal.
> We're talking about the release string freeze. And we had no string
> freezes, IIRC, for beta 1 and beta 2.
> I explained, in my long message, why I think such a long freeze is
> needed. We're no longer in 2005, where the hype about the installer
> l10n was the highest. I need time to track issues and interact with
> translators in order to get as many complete work as possible (there
> have been numerous changes in the etch-lenny release cycle, that can
> be seen with translations that got no update since etch).
> I know I will hear arguments such as "but translators should have
> coped with changes during the release cycle, not only at the last
> minute". Certainly, they should. But most of them, particularly in
> the small teams, are also involved in many other areas...often
> end-user software, which makes more direct sense to them (more
> directly visible result) and they tend to put D-I in the low priority
> list.
> For those people, when the release time comes, they, for sure, raise
> the priority of D-I, but I need time to exchange with them, sometimes
> get again in tuoch with folks I've not interacted with since about
> more than 1 year, etc.
> And time resources on my side are scarce. So, if I can get that time,
> I'll do a more efficient work...that's mostly the point..:-)

I think we can do the long freeze but 4 weeks is too much. Do you
think you can handle it in 3 weeks? That would allow us to release RC1
in end of Setember.

Another option would be we do a release and have a RC2 with transltion
updates and bug fixes only after that. What others think about it?

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