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Re: String freeze: are we there now?

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):

> I believe it is a good time for that. Martin will propose his patch
> but except from that I think we don't have any other change that
> requires string changes planned for lenny.

So, I'm now waiting for Martin to commit his patch to officially
declare the opening of the string freeze.

From the overview I'm conducting for a few months now, about 20
languages will be updated in about one week (the last "breakage" of
strings happened last week-end and, one week later, we reached 20
complete languages).

Probably another 10 will just need a small ping to translators after
that week.

The problem are the remaining ones ! I think I need about *two weeks*
of hard mail sending (close to spamming, indeed) to various people and
lists before we can reach 40 complete languages.

I think we will not make more than this number.

The ramining ones (about 20) will probably be "nearly" complete. I
propose we keep those that are 100% for sublevels 1 and 2. Then
examine the situation one by one for those that remain.

As you see, it means that I'm requesting for about FOUR weeks of
string freeze. The hard point is not the time needed for translators
to update their files, but more the time *I* need to complete the best
effort to get as many files completed as possible.

I think that after *three* weeks of string freeze, we will be able to
decide upon what languages we keep or consider disabling, which will
allow me to send "last chance" notices out in the wild.

Such schedule would probably start next Monday (unless Martin commits
his tempaltes changes before the week-end...which would help me as
I'll be unavailable all week-end and I'll probably have hard time
catching up with mail on Monday)....which gives Sept. 29th as end of
string freeze.

(yeah, I know, very far away....but that string freeze should have
started earlier if we wanted to release earlier)

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