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Bug#493720: Installation Report

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> > If we remove this option, we should probably remove these extra
> > keymaps.
> That is of course an option. Only problem may be that keymaps can
> "chainload" other keymaps as a base. Don't know if that is the case here.

For the case of German, yes.

The de-latin1-nodeadkeys keymap, which we offer as only choice for
German does indeed chainload de-latin1.

So, the udeb has to provide that file.

On the other hand, Noèl Köthe, in another report, mentioned he was
unable to type his name properly because of the lack of dead keys.

In that other bug report, I asked him whether the German users would
be gurted if the only choice we offer for German is de-latin1 and not

I'll try to get opinions from the German Cabal about this, at Debconf.

Bernhard (who originally sent this bug report) what would be your
feeling about D-I offering "de-latin1" behind the "German" choice of
keyboard? As you indeed wanted to pressed that value, I assume this is
because you prefer that keymap over de-latin1-nodeadkeys?

Please note that this bug report made me put my console-data
maintainer hat on and discover that the udeb indeed embarks several
keymaps, which we don't offer as choices and are *not* included by
other keymaps. In short, useless stuff.

I'll report a separate bug against console-data for this.

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