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Bug#493720: Installation Report

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 04:55:18PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'm not sure that this _is_ a regression.
> > As far as I have been able to track down this issue, it is related to
> > the change which happened in cdebconf 0.132.  The default value for
> > select questions that are noninteractive must since be in the possible
> > choices.
> Both beta1 and beta2 also default to American English keymap if you boot 
> with 'console-keymaps-at?=de' (i.e: with the seen flag not set).


> And if you boot beta1 with 'console-keymaps-at=de', you will get the 'de' 
> keymap selected, not the 'de-latin1-nodeadkeys' one!
> So basically in the past passing 'de' would "work" but only because by 
> accident a keymap named "de" [1] does exist, *not* because it was 
> expanded into a valid value from the selection list. The only really 
> valid value for preseeding has always been 'de-latin1-nodeadkeys'.

console-keymaps-at (at least) ships more keymaps than those that can
actually be selected from the select list.  IMHO, it makes sense to
allow users to select those by preseeding.

If we remove this option, we should probably remove these extra keymaps.

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