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Bug#494067: installation-report: Default layout for German

Quoting Noèl Köthe (noel@debian.org):

> - keyboard chooser doesn't have information about deadkeys, if you know
>   about it its OK but else you can choose between LANG and LANG
>   (nodeadkeys)

I don't exactly understand what you mean here. If I'm correct, you
should get a list with only "Deutsch". That choice indeed will give
you the de-latin1-nodeadkeys layout.

It should be the only German keymap that you can access, indeed.

> - I cannot write my name with the default keyboard selection "LANG
>   (nodeadkeys)". nodeadkeys shouldn't be the default

Well, due to size constraints, we don't have in console-data udebs all
possible console keymaps for each language. Indeed, we have only
one. The de-latin1-nodeadkeys is the one we have for German since
forever, I think.

Do you think it should be changed and we should offer the de-latin1
keymap ?

We indeed should now offer the console keymap that is as close as
possible to the keymap installed by default for X when users choose German.

(please note that, because of an omission which was pointed in another
bug report, there are indeed two possible keymaps for German in the
udeb...but that is not really intended !)

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