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Bug#493720: Installation Report

Quoting Jérémy Bobbio (lunar@debian.org):

> > So basically in the past passing 'de' would "work" but only because by 
> > accident a keymap named "de" [1] does exist, *not* because it was 
> > expanded into a valid value from the selection list. The only really 
> > valid value for preseeding has always been 'de-latin1-nodeadkeys'.
> console-keymaps-at (at least) ships more keymaps than those that can
> actually be selected from the select list.  IMHO, it makes sense to
> allow users to select those by preseeding.

Well, it was IIRC never intended. It might happen that some cleaning
was done at some point in console-data udebs (I haven't been as active
with it as I am right now....which is still not that much).

So, if keymaps are present in the udebs and *not* offered as Choices,
my opinion is that they should be removed.

Being able to preseed the keymaps that are not offered as choices is
not something that has been advertized in D-I documentation, so I'd
vote to remove those "extra" keymaps from the udeb: they just clutter
up the udebs and therefore the initrds.

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