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Bug#493720: Installation Report

reassign 493720 kbd-chooser
retitle 493720 kbd-chooser: unable to preseed with non-canonical keymap name
tags 493720 + confirmed

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 03:44:33PM +0200, Bernhard wrote:
> The problem is the german keyboard layout.
> To select the german keyboard layout, the following bootparameter is
> used: "console-keymaps-at/keymap=de"
> With this parameter, the installer don't asks for keyboard layout.
> But the german keyboard layout is not set.
> […]
> The behaviour with the Beta2 installer from 2008-05-22 is OK.

Preseeding with "de-latin1-nodeadkeys" should work until we fix this

As far as I have been able to track down this issue, it is related to
the change which happened in cdebconf 0.132.  The default value for
select questions that are noninteractive must since be in the possible

After trying to come up with a patch to solve this, I see two different
possibilities to fix this:
 * Use the current locale selection features to map the previously set
   value to a default from the keymap list.  This will successfully map
   "de" to "de-latin1-nodeadkeys", but will not allow the selection of
   "pl-qwertz" through preseeding.
 * Detect if console-keymaps-$KEYBOARD/keymap has been seen, and
   if so, directly set the keymap to its value.

I would favor this second possibility, as I see no good reason to be
unable to preseed a very custom keymap that would not appear among the
choices in the debconf template.  But I'd like other opinions before
commiting a fix.

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