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Re: Bug#488386: please provide an udeb


On Saturday 28 June 2008 17:43, Frans Pop wrote:
> Yes, looks like that was about a year ago (even if the changelog does not
> mention it).

Ah, ok.

> > I tried to explain that in the bug report. We (Debian Edu) use it to
> > modify the profile which gets installed...
> Sorry, but that is Greek to me. What is a profile, what does it do?

In a normal Debian Edu installation the user is prompted to choose one out of 
four profiles, which define how the machine will be used, that is, install a 
certain set of packages and apply configurations. For those four profiles 
certain normal d-i steps (like for example task+package selection) are 

Using expert installation you can choose out of seven profiles, including one 
which has task and package selection :)

Some of these profile can mixed, some cant. And their is an eighth 
profile, "Debian Edu laptop", which is added dynamically, if laptop-detect 

> How/why exactly does it need to be different for a laptop than for a
> desktop?

I believe it only differs in that it installs some more packages - implemented 
as described above.

> > Also, Otavio, the laptop-detect maintainer stated in 426608 that he
> > wouldnt have a problem to reintroduce the udeb.
> So, why hasn't this been a problem for debian-edu in the past year? 

Because nobody noticed. I only filed #487404 seven days ago...

> Why 
> does this suddenly need to happen when Lenny is about to be frozen?

It doesnt (absolutly) need to happen now. I've just upgraded our code copy to 
the one of laptop-detect 0.13.6. But not shipping code copies is a release 

> Also, adding a udeb is not up to Otavio as laptop-detect maintainer. Any
> new udeb needs to be approved by the D-I team and thus discussed on the
> debian-boot list.

So I'm adding debian-boot to cc: now :)

> > > Any reason you cannot just chroot into /target and run laptop-detect
> > > there?
> > Because /target is not set up, when we need it.
> OK, that could be a valid reason. But you've not yet explained why you
> need it _before_ /target is set up.

We modified d-i so that most interactive questions are at the beginning 
(before there is /target), to provide a more pleasant installation 
experience :-) One of these questions is the profile question, which needs to 
be modified if a laptop is detected.

> > > You'll have to provide a much better/clearer use-case scenario before
> > > we'll allow a udeb to be reintroduced.
> > I hope I did :)
> Not really, or at least, not yet in sufficient detail to satisfy me
> personally.



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