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Re: Bug#488386: please provide an udeb

On Saturday 28 June 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > How/why exactly does it need to be different for a laptop than for a
> > desktop?
> I believe it only differs in that it installs some more packages -
> implemented as described above.

This seems to indicate that instead of having a different profile for 
laptops, you could also just implement this in a different way in 
debian-edu, similar to the way pkgsel/tasksel currently work to select 
the laptop task.

Please give that some thought.

Especially if the profile question is only asked in expert mode anyway it 
seems to me that debian-edu could just be modified to do the laptop test 
by running laptop-detect in the target environment after base 
installation and adding the extra packages at that point.
If it needs to be optional then - given that you are in expert mode which 
IMO implies the user is prepared to answer more questions - a question 
whether to install laptop packages can also be asked at that point.

I really do not see a strong case for having laptop-detect as a udeb here, 

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