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Re: Switch to 2.6.25

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 06:49:32PM +0200, maximilian attems wrote:
> this thread goes no where.
> loading a module on *all* boxes for 0.01% percent of the population
> is not the right thing to do.

And what solution is there for the 0.01% that would like to continue
using their systems?  Do you have a boot option to tell the system that
you really do want ide-generic loaded?  What percentage of users are
hamred in any way by loading ide-generic?  I suspect probably less than
are helped.

As for what percentage uses what, I would really not go there.  By that
logic you could easily conclude there is no reason to support anyone
with less than a 686 CPU, because to do so would require a less optimal
kernel during the install, etc, etc.  It's a lame argument with an
arbitrary cutoff line.  What if it was 5% that needed ide-generic, would
that be enough?  How about 10%?   20%?  When does it become important

> if you want some more informed statement read what fjp wrote down
> or come up with a fine patch.

If you try all other ide drivers first, then load ide-generic and see if
it causes any more devices to show up, and then remove it again if it
doesn't, how can this possibly do anything other than help that 0.01%
who has isa ide controllers while doing no harm to anyone else?

The lame excuses that I have seen about some ide controllers getting
confused if ide-generic probes them while their native driver is using
them is pointless.  That would be a bug in the native driver for not
reserving the full set of ports their particular chip uses and no fault
of ide-generic.

Len Sorensen

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