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Bug#484121: tasksel: let's sync on the GNOME task

Le mardi 03 juin 2008 à 13:27 -0400, Joey Hess a écrit :
> > It does not prevent us from shipping a better integrated word processor,
> > while setting OOo as the default handler for .doc files (currently it is
> > not, but I can easily change that).
> I prefer not to have multiple choices of programs in a task though,
> unless there's a damn good reason for doing it. Both bloat and user
> confusion..

I have both OOo and abiword installed on all my machines, because they
cover different needs. One is to read big MS Word files, the other is to
write letters.

Anyway, what I can propose you is to make gnome-office only a
Recommends: of gnome. I still find it is a shame not to ship abiword and
gnumeric by default, but size considerations do matter.

> >      * dia: it's not a very good application, but it doesn't have any
> >        suitable replacement. I think we should ship it by default, but
> >        not that strongly.
> I think I'd rather use inkscape than struggle with dia again, even if I
> specifically needed to do UML stuff. But I don't feel it's something
> typical desktop users are going to want at all.

Agreed. I’m moving it to suggests.

> >      * gnumeric: same problem as abiword, but the difference is that
> >        gnumeric is superior to OOo calc in many ways. I feel it should
> >        be the default for GNOME, even if it means not installing OOo
> >        calc.
> I don't have experience with gnumeric to say if it's better, but
> doesn't OOo calc have some advantages in being integrated with a word
> processor?

Of course it has, but I don’t know many people who actually use this

Unfortunately, a full gnumeric installation is bigger than OOo calc
alone if you already have the rest of OOo installed, so the size
argument is again against gnome office.

> >      * planner: not very well maintained upstream, but it is a useful
> >         application without many good replacements. I don't feel
> >         strongly about it, but it is small.
> 6 mb small.. Planner does not seem to be used by a lot of people.

Agreed, I moved it to Recommends.

> > > >       * gdm-themes: nice to have for customizing one’s desktop, just
> > > >         like gnome-themes-extras.
> > > 
> > > I'm not sure that "nice to have" is really worth bloating the default
> > > install (and installation media) by 4 mb. We ship a pre-themed gdm.
> > > 
> > > (Dropping the 20 mb gnome-themes-extras would also be a sizable win to
> > > consider...)
> > 
> > Considering the size of the default installation, that’s definitely your
> > call.
> Do you think that a lot of users would miss it?

Unlike the GDM themes, I know many people who use them. The Gorilla and
Nuvola themes are really well designed and popular.

> > > >       * gparted: not sure it is that useful, but we could add it to
> > > >         gnome.
> > > 
> > > I'm on the fence about this one myself. Gustavo promoted adding it.
> > 
> > Actually, it sounds like something more useful for the installer itself
> > than for normal desktop operation.
> I think the idea was that some people will install using the default
> partition sizes, and need to change that later, and it would be good to
> have a user-friendly way for them to do so. 
> Popcon says that 5000 out of 40000 installations actually use it, which
> is higher than I would have expected. Especially since you'd think most
> people would only use it once or twice.

This number is indeed surprising. At least, I’ve made it a Recommends.
> > I’m not sure it is that useful. We already have nice integrated UIs, I’m
> > not sure we need web crap just for the coolness of web 4.0.
> Potential benefits include being able to go to a games team page with
> screenshots of games, and click on them to install. (I'm also looking at
> goplay of course..)

The good solution to me would be to find a way to add screenshot
browsing support to synaptic.

Following your other comments, I’ve also changed the following:
      * fixed the totem mess,
      * demoted gnome-games-extra-data to a recommends,
      * demoted tomboy to a recommends,
      * added update-notifier as a recommends,
      * added gdebi and gnome-app-install,
      * added transmission-gtk as a depends,
      * added empathy (I mistyped, telepathy is the framework and
        empathy the client) as a recommends (if you want to add this
        one, don’t forget its recommends as well),
      * added bluez-gnome and gnome-vfs-obexftp,
      * added network-manager-gnome as a recommends,
      * added xsane to gnome-office,
      * added arj and p7zip.

The current version can be found there:

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