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Bug#484121: tasksel: let's sync on the GNOME task

Package: tasksel
Version: 2.74.2
Severity: wishlist


I think it is time to wonder what should go in the default GNOME
installation for the lenny release.

Currently, the "gnome-desktop" task consists of the
"gnome-desktop-environment" metapackage (official GNOME release) plus a
number of extras. However we already provide the "gnome" metapackage
which consists of g-d-e plus a number of extras to make a full-fledged

I think that we should converge on the same set of packages, so that the
"gnome-desktop" task could simply install "gnome". This would avoid a
lot of unneeded synchronisation work, while the GNOME team knows what
packages are deprecated and which ones are introduced.

Here are the current differences.

Packages installed by the gnome package, not by tasksel:
      * abiword: adding it would mean installing two word processors,
        since openoffice is already part of the installation. However
        abiword is much lighter and much more suitable for beginners
        than OOo is, hence they cover different user needs, which is why
        I end up installing both on my machines. However I’m not against
        removing it from the "gnome" dependencies, or at least moving it
        to recommends.
      * dia: it’s not a very good application, but it doesn’t have any
        suitable replacement. I think we should ship it by default, but
        not that strongly.
      * gnumeric: same problem as abiword, but the difference is that
        gnumeric is superior to OOo calc in many ways. I feel it should
        be the default for GNOME, even if it means not installing OOo
      * inkscape: this one is a killer application. Let’s ship it by
        default. Oh, and we don’t need OOo draw thanks to it :)
      * planner: not very well maintained upstream, but it is a useful
        application without many good replacements. I don’t feel
        strongly about it, but it is small.
      * gdm-themes: nice to have for customizing one’s desktop, just
        like gnome-themes-extras.
      * gnome-games: was removed from g-d-e, but we definitely want it.
      * gnome-games-extra-data: nice themes to have, especially the
        vector card themes.
      * libpam-gnome-keyring: enhances GNOME keyring functionality a
        lot, we should have it.
      * gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly: adds support for some video formats
        that gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg does not understand. We should have
      * system-config-printer: this application supersedes
        gnome-cups-manager and foomatic-gui.
      * tomboy: very nice app, but controversial since it brings the
        full Mono stack, so we don’t make it part of
      * totem-plugins: totem will lack functionality without it.
      * serpentine: we set it as the default application to burn audio

Packages installed by tasksel, not by the gnome package:
      * gnome-cups-manager, foomatic-gui: superseded by
      * gparted: not sure it is that useful, but we could add it to
      * update-notifier: not very well maintained, but definitely
        useful. Maybe as a recommend?
      * gnome-app-install: already here through recommends, but we can
        make it more explicit.
      * gdebi: we should definitely add it to gnome.
      * transmission-gtk: I don’t know that application, but it sounds
        like a useful addition to gnome.
      * liferea: definitely a good addition to gnome.
      * pidgin: we should add this one, or maybe rather telepathy, to
      * openoffice.org-gnome, openoffice.org-evolution: it sounds like
        something that should remain as only installed by tasksel.
      * evolution-plugins: sounds like something we forgot to add on our
      * tsclient: we now install vinagre which is part of the GNOME
        release, which is nicer but lacks RDP support. I don’t know
        what’s best for this one.
      * iceweasel-gnome-support: should remain as only installed by
      * gnomebaker: its functionality is mostly covered by having both
        nautilus-cd-burner and serpentine.
      * network-manager-gnome: I think we should at least recommend this
      * bluez-gnome: same as NM.
      * xsane: probably something that should be added to gnome-office.
      * arj, p7zip: we can probably add them (for the same reason they
        are part of the task).

Starting from this list, I’d like your comments so that I can upload a
new meta-gnome2, after which, if you like the idea, tasksel could be
made to install gnome + a handful of packages, instead of the current
very long list.

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