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Bug#482335: installationreport: problems with german keymap


On Thu, 22 May 2008 16:21:19 +0200 Frans Pop wrote:
> > and the logs say, that keymap de_DE was loaded, but umlauts did not work
> > (äöü) and also the ß. This all works fine in text mode installer.
> >
> > Additionally "Shift" + "3" didn't worked correctly: in graphical installer
> > output was "3", in text mode installer output was a blank space.
> This is probably the same as #394871 which is listed in the errata and as an 
> open issue in the installation guide.
> Are these symbols typed by typing the accent separately using a "deadkey" or 
> are they typed using a special "shift" key (alt-gr)?
> Do the keys work correctly if you switch to a debug console (VT2) and use 
> them there?

No, this has nothing to do with dead keys or characters composed by
typing an accent and then the letter. The german umlauts öäüß are
own characters as oau. There are lower case and upper case forms of
them, while the upper case are created with the normal shift key.

In VT2 all keys work correctly.

And: I just tried with a 4.0r1 installation DVD: no problems, all
keys work correctly.



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