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Bug#474698: partman-base: Inconsistent output if sector size != 512 bytes

Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:

> Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:
>> On Tuesday 08 April 2008, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>>> I could go on to replace PED_SECTOR_SIZE_DEFAULT with dev->sector_size
>>> throughout partman-base/parted_server.c, but I'm getting suspicious.
>>> Isn't there a good reason for this state of affairs?
>> Looks like this could possibly be a bug introduced by revision r37468 [1], 
>> which changed PED_SECTOR_SIZE to PED_SECTOR_SIZE_DEFAULT (partman-base 84). 
>> Looks like that change was made for compatibility with libparted 1.7.
>> Whether changing it to dev->sector_size is correct depends of course on what 
>> the actual definition of PED_SECTOR_SIZE was in prior libparted versions.
>> It could also be that the problem has always been there and that the use of 
>> PED_SECTOR_SIZE was always not correct (though maybe only in some places).
>> This certainly needs to be checked very carefully. A good start could be to 
>> check whether the Sarge installer also has the bug as that has older 
>> versions of libparted and partman-base.
>> Otavio: you did that change; any comments?
> I'll look into it. Nothing from the top of my head.

Hi Otavio,

did you find the time to look into this?

http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/features.shtml says:
 * Support for logical sector sizes not equal to 512

Does parted 1.8.8 exhibit the same problem?  I managed to compile it,
but can't start on a ramdisk:

# ~/installcd/parted/parted/parted /dev/ram1
Error: Error opening /dev/ram1: Invalid argument
Retry/Cancel? c

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