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Re: lspci output in hardware-summary

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> Hi,
> A thread on lkml pointed me to the '-k' option for lspci, which lists the
> module/driver associated with and used for a particular device (see example
> below for -knn).
> Currently we have both -nn and -vnn in the hardware-summary.
> Question: does anybody actually use the -v output? I myself only really look
> at the -nn listing.
> If nobody uses it, I would suggest switching to using only -knn as the
> modules info provides exactly what we need for "hardware not recognized"
> type reports.
> Optionally we could also keep the -vv output, but include it lower down in
> the hardware-summary, or at least with a clearer separation between the two
> listings.

I'd prefer to switch. It does improve the quality of the information.

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