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Bug#472487: additional info

On Tuesday 01 April 2008, Holger Wansing wrote:
> > Please try booting Beta1 with 'hw-detect/load-ide=true'. Does that
> > help?
> Yes. Auto-detecting the cdrom drive works this way.

Could you try to manually add the patch below to /bin/hw-detect, right at 
the beginning of the installation (while the language selection dialog is 

It's a rough patch and needs a bit more refinement, but it should hopefully 
do what we want for this type of system. I've added debugging commands so 
the result should show up in the syslog. Please send that both if it works 
and if it doesn't.


--- a/packages/hw-detect/hw-detect.sh
+++ b/packages/hw-detect/hw-detect.sh
@@ -288,6 +288,19 @@ if [ -z "$LIST" ]; then
 	db_progress STEP $MODULE_STEPS

+# Load ide-generic and check if that results in new block devices
+# If so, make sure it is added to the initrd for the installed system
+set -x
+if [ -z "$LOAD_IDE" ] && is_available ide-generic; then
+	blockdev_count=$(ls /sys/block | wc -w)
+	load_module ide-generic
+	update-dev
+	if [ $(ls /sys/block | wc -w) -gt $blockdev_count ]; then
+		register-module -i ide-generic
+	fi
+set +x
 if ! is_not_loaded ohci1394 || ! is_not_loaded firewire-ohci; then
 	# if firewire was found, try to enable firewire cd support
 	if is_not_loaded sbp2 && is_not_loaded firewire-sbp2 && \

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