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Bug#472487: additional info

On Tuesday 01 April 2008, Holger Wansing wrote:
> > If this is an issue, it's something in the kernel upstream as that is
> > the only thing that could detect the problem in a timely fashion and
> > warn about it. I'm not going to file a BR about it though.
> > Documentation seems the best solution here.
> Ok. But we have a hint in the manual, that there _is_ such an
> automatic fallback (or am I wrong?)

Yes, that needs to be clarified a bit. I'll see if I can come up with 

> > > 2. cdrom drive (and harddisk) were not detected in step "detecting
> > > cd-rom drive". There were no ide related modules loaded
> > > automatically in this step, only usb-storage was loaded. When I
> > > loaded ide_generic by hand on the second console, it worked, cdrom
> > > drive and hard disk were detected.
> >
> > Please try booting Beta1 with 'hw-detect/load-ide=true'. Does that
> > help?
> Yes. Auto-detecting the cdrom drive works this way.

OK. That at least identifies the problem, though reverting that change would 
not solve all problems as initramfs-tools would still need to be made to 
load the driver.

What we basically need to do here is find a way to identify this type of 
system so we can automate the loading of ide-generic.

BTW, doesn't the installer offer to load additional drivers when it fails to 
detect the CD? If it does, what are the dialogs that are displayed?

> Only one note: normally there is the hint "rescue mode" in the
> left corner at the top of the screen. When running rescue mode on a
> low memory machine, there is only "low memory mode" displayed,
> nothing about that rescue mode is active.

Hmm. Maybe the rescue mode indication should be preferred over the lowmem 

Thanks for the additional info. I've also asked the upstream kernel 
developers for help for this.

Could you also do the following:
- boot the installer
- proceed until the CD fails to be recognized
- switch to VT2
- what is the output of the following commands at that point:
  - ls /proc/bus/*
  - ls /sys/bus
  - cat /proc/interrupts
  - cat /proc/iomem
  - cat /proc/ioports
- enter the following commands:
  - logger -t DEBUG "Before loading ide-generic"
  - modprobe ide-generic
- send the /var/log/syslog at this point
- is there any change in the output of the commands above after that?


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