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Re: Brand new Debian-Installer can't install without network?

On Monday 24 March 2008, Bruno Lambert wrote:
> I can't install debian-testing (since more than 3 weeks now, trying
> new weekly build every week) without network connection.

Please state the real problem, and not the consequence.
Form your mail I understand that your actual problem is that the installer 
keeps asking you to insert the CD, even though it is already inserted.
This has nothing to do with being able to install with or without network.

We have had issues with that, but AFAIK those were resolved before the Beta1 
release of the installer, so before we waste time on an issue that is 
already solved I have to ask you to try an official Beta1 CD image.

You can find links to beta1 CD images on:

If you can still reproduce the problem with that, we will look further.


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