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Brand new Debian-Installer can't install without network?

Hello, I don't know if I'm a the right place but anyway:

I can't install debian-testing (since more than 3 weeks now, trying
new weekly build every week) without network connection. My ethernet
card is only recognises by kernel 2.6.24, so I need to install testing
from CD then compile my kernel (or use unstable kernel).
Since some weeks, I can't get the installer to work. It ask me if I
want to install from a cd or dvd, I enter yes, make it scan my cd, and
the it say "please enter this cd" (the cd is in the drive...) but
always ask me to enter it... I just cannot continue the install
process because it doesn't want to use my cd...

I tryed to figure how to make a bug report but it doesn't look all
that simple, so I post this here.

Bruno Lambert

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