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Bug#471172: Please add nvclock and toshset to laptop task

On Sunday 16 March 2008, Bart Samwel wrote:
> The acpi-support package has received numerous requests (see #410918,
> #434566, #457387, #438665, #445900) to move nvclock and toshset from the
> Depends list to the Recommends list. As these packages are actually
> required to make specific laptops function (and the goal of the
> acpi-support package is to make all laptops "just work"), this is only
> possible if these packages are installed by default by the laptop task.
> When this is done, acpi-support will move these dependencies to the
> Recommends list, so that people may remove these packages at will.

This should preferably not be done in the laptop task, but in the "new" 
discover, which supports installing packages based on specific PCI IDs.

Help to get that in a state where it can be used by default in installations 
would be much appreciated.


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