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Bug#451380: tasksel-data: Please stop installing acpi-support and hibernate (in the laptop/desktop task)

Hi people,

I just want to add my EUR 0.02 to this discussion.

It wouldn't really work if acpi-support was removed from the laptop task,
as pm-utils doesn't handle the keyboard things AFAIK.

I wouldn't mind removing the suspend/hibernate stuff from acpi-support
though, if there is consensus that this should be handled by pm-utils or
some other framework. In that case I'll just rip the whole thing out. What
I'll have to keep is the stuff that handles suspend/hibernate keys, but
I'll then adapt that so that it translates them into pm-utils calls or
some such.

I would suggest at least to remove hibernate from the equation.
acpi-support provides hibernation and suspend itself, and maps the
hibernate/suspend keys to its own hibernate and suspend support. It does
not use hibernate. Well, unless you tell it to -- but that option is only
available in version 0.105-1, which is pending upload.


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