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Bug#471172: Please add nvclock and toshset to laptop task

On Sun, March 16, 2008 14:37, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Sunday 16 March 2008, Bart Samwel wrote:
>> The acpi-support package has received numerous requests (see #410918,
>> #434566, #457387, #438665, #445900) to move nvclock and toshset from the
>> Depends list to the Recommends list. As these packages are actually
>> required to make specific laptops function (and the goal of the
>> acpi-support package is to make all laptops "just work"), this is only
>> possible if these packages are installed by default by the laptop task.
>> When this is done, acpi-support will move these dependencies to the
>> Recommends list, so that people may remove these packages at will.
> This should preferably not be done in the laptop task, but in the "new"
> discover, which supports installing packages based on specific PCI IDs.
> Help to get that in a state where it can be used by default in
> installations would be much appreciated.

I appreciate your concern over this. When the "new" discover is up for it,
of course I wouldn't mind dropping them again from the laptop task.

But until that time, I'd like them to be included in the laptop task, just
so that I can make acpi-support a little bit more sane. And to make
*support* of acpi-support a little bit more sane as well: I'm getting a
new request to reduce the dependencies about once a month, and purely
defending the fact that I'm not fixing it has taken up more time than you
can imagine.

Regarding help with the "discover" package: normally I would love to help,
but I'm already submerged up to my ears in work right now. And I'm
expecting to become a dad somewhere in the next two weeks, so I don't
think it will get any better any time soon. :-)


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