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Bug#451380: tasksel-data: Please stop installing acpi-support and hibernate (in the laptop/desktop task)

Hi Bart,

On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 02:47:34PM +0100, Bart Samwel wrote:

> I wouldn't mind removing the suspend/hibernate stuff from acpi-support
> though, if there is consensus that this should be handled by pm-utils or
> some other framework. In that case I'll just rip the whole thing out. What
> I'll have to keep is the stuff that handles suspend/hibernate keys,

I've just been discussing this with Matthew Garrett this weekend, about
doing the same for Ubuntu.  I think we're all agreed that the resume/suspend
code should come out of acpi-support, it's just a question of doing the work
to make it go away gracefully.

> but I'll then adapt that so that it translates them into pm-utils calls or
> some such.

Sorry, what do you mean?  Currently, /etc/acpi/hibernatebtn.sh just
generates 'acpi_fakekey $KEY_SUSPEND' - surely that's appropriately generic
for all purposes, and doing anything that's more directly tied to pm-utils
would be a regression?

> I would suggest at least to remove hibernate from the equation.
> acpi-support provides hibernation and suspend itself, and maps the
> hibernate/suspend keys to its own hibernate and suspend support. It does
> not use hibernate. Well, unless you tell it to -- but that option is only
> available in version 0.105-1, which is pending upload.

Ok, on closer look I do see that /etc/acpi/events/sleepbtn points at
/etc/acpi/sleep.sh, unlike the various "hibernate" buttons which just
generate a keypress...  I'm not sure why that inconsistency exists in the
first place?

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