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Bug#469821: Choosing to disable root logins does the opposite

> > At user setup I was offered the opportunity to disable root 
> > logins and 
> > use sudo instead, and I chose to do so. I then created my userID
> > (chrisc) and set my password. I then installed the boot loader, 
> > finished the install successfully and rebooted. On rebooting, user 
> > chrisc did not exist, and user root could log in with no password!! 
> > Oops. Once I logged in as root (and set a root password) I 
> > confirmed 
> > that user chrisc had not been created. The sudo package had 
> > not been installed either.
> I cannot reproduce this. If I select "no" at the question to 
> allow root to login the system is correctly set up for sudo 
> use with root account disabled.

Well, maybe the difference is that I minimise the tasksel step. I
uncheck all the boxes in tasksel, so it proceeds to install only six
packages (ibritish, wbritish, myspell-en-gb etc.). Is it possible that
the correct setting up of root and user logins is dependent on packages
in the default tasksel selections? This would explain why sudo isn't
installed, but not why root logins are not disabled, nor why my local
user is not created (I think adduser is installed earlier, during the
base system step).
> Please send us the syslog (gzipped!) for this install. It 
> should be available in /var/log/installer.

I'm very sorry, /var/log/installer doesn't exist. Possibly because I
removed the installation-report package after submitting this. Stupid of

> If that does not provide sufficient information, we'll 
> probably have to ask you to reproduce the issue with extra 
> debugging during the install.

Happy to see if I can reproduce it - let me know what to do re


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