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Bug#469208: bug report pci don't works

Op 07-03-2008 om 12:08 schreef Frans Pop:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2008, win wrote:
> > Does't  mean, that these pci must not works in this distr?
> No, what Geert meant is that configuring your system for support of those 
> devices is outside the scope of the installation system.
> This also means that the people who read the installation reports cannot 
> really help you with the configuration of those devices.
> As the installation itself was successful, there was thus no reason to keep 
> your installation report open.
> If you need help with that his suggestion is that you try asking on the 
> debian-user mailing list. If you can identify specific issues with specific 
> packages, you can also file bug reports against those packages.
> I agree with you that Geert could have worded his reply better,

Patch are welcome  :-)

> but in essence it was correct.


> Good luck getting your remaining issues solved.

It will most be installing package that are using the special hardware.
Example given, for PDA support, search for 'PDA' in synaptic.

I can understand that one expects the installer doing the install of all
packages. One the user founds his way to the package manager, he may
start understanding why the installer has a limited scoop.

Back to the question:
> > Does't  mean, that these pci must not works in this distr?

Your various devices do work in the Debian distribution.
Just find your way to package managers like synaptic.

Geert Stappers

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