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Bug#469821: Choosing to disable root logins does the opposite

On Friday 07 March 2008, Carr, Chris wrote:
> Well, maybe the difference is that I minimise the tasksel step. I
> uncheck all the boxes in tasksel, so it proceeds to install only six
> packages (ibritish, wbritish, myspell-en-gb etc.). Is it possible that
> the correct setting up of root and user logins is dependent on packages
> in the default tasksel selections?

No. sudo is normally not installed at all.

> Happy to see if I can reproduce it - let me know what to do re
> debugging.

OK. Please add 'set -x' lines in the following scripts before you get to the 
user setup step:
- /usr/bin/user-setup-ask
- /usr/bin/user-setup-apply

And send the resulting syslog after the installation completes (you need to 
proceed at least to the "install completed, get ready for reboot" dialog).


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