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Re: [PATCH] Support for "hardware burn-in" stage (updated)

(Sorry for the late reply.)

On Thursday 14 February 2008, Chris Lamb wrote:
> This is my updated patch to support a hardware burn-in stage in D-I by
> way of enhancing the existing cpuburn package in Debian. Please refer to
> the original thread for justification and discussion, etc.

This version looks fine.

One last very minor coding style point. Please change:
   +while [ "$STATE" -ge 1 -a "$STATE" -le 3 ]; do
   +while [ "$STATE" -ge 1 ] && [ "$STATE" -le 3 ]; do

As far as I'm concerned you can file the wishlist BR to implement this.
Suggest that a link is added in the changelog to this thread for the 
convenience of FTP-masters (so that they can see it has been discussed and 


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