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Re: Persistent disk naming - wild idea for a solution

On Monday 18 February 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'd suggest to create new, really persistent, short and humanly readable
> device names. I'd like to see these devices named by type with "real"
> (permanent) hard disks distinguised from removable devices like USB
> sticks (yes, I know the distinction is thin sometimes).
> Preferably we'd "reuse" the old /dev/hdX devices, but I expect that
> that's not possible. An alternative for hard disks would be /dev/diskX;
> removable USB devices could become /dev/usbX, etc.

One other advantage of this scheme would be that it would also allow us to 
use these new names in default configuration files for e.g. smartmontools, 
hddtemp, laptop daemons, etc.

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