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Plans for beta2 (was: non-free firmware)

On Sunday 10 February 2008, Joey Hess wrote:
> I suggest that for the next beta we focus on dealing with non-free
> firmware better in d-i. An increasing number of machines are difficult
> to install with d-i, or don't have all hardware working fully
> post-install due to non-free firmware issues.

It would be great to see progress on that, even if only on the second part.

I don't think I'll get involved  in thisvery much myself. For one because I 
don't have any hardware that's really affected (I have madwifi, but that's 
almost obsolete now).
Jurij Smakov was asking about non-free support earlier this week though, so 
he might be interested to work on it with you.

My own plans for beta2 are:
- finish partman reorg (re-implementation of removal of crypto devices)
- merge the patch that was submitted for multiple VG support in partman-auto
- finish fixing udeb dependency relationships
- getting rid of librt and proper solution for libgcc_s
- implementing sub-level translations
  (Christian: still waiting for feedback on that...)
- showing warnings in localechooser for incomplete translations
- maybe some restructuring in localechooser (separate "area" question and
  state machine for go back handling)
- maybe some work on choose mirror
- maybe merge ext3 support into partman-basicfilesystems
- some (maybe a lot) work on the manual

And also:
- testing with new busybox (relatime issue for example)

I'd also still like to see someone pick up the following areas:
- IPv6 support
- dhcp client replacement
- persistent device naming (I have a wild idea for that, but that involves
  upstream work; will probably blog about that soon)

See also: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/LennyGoals


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